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Jessie Cowan

Jessie is a Los Angeles-based photographer who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and came to California to study at Cal Arts. She now lives and works in Eagle Rock. 


Judge, International Photography Awards

Lincoln Center NYC, 2008

Curator, Month of Photography Los Angeles Pro’jekt LA, 2008-2012

Shows have been held at Bergamot Station, A&I, Duncan Miller Gallery and Space 15 Twenty

TIS OF THEE, Visual Language of American Faces and Landscape
Photographs by:
Estevan Oriol
Douglas Adesko
William Mebane and Martin Hyers

FALLING DOWN EMPTY, Rock-N-Roll Documentary photography, Life on the stage, on the road and behind the scenes
Photographs by:
Pat Graham,
Nick Zinner
Autumn de Wilde

FOLLOWERS, Familiarity and identity of youth cultures that share a commonality within their social circles
Photographs by:
Mike Piscitelli,
Jeaneen Lund
Tania Fernandez

FACING WEST, Fashion Photography in the Land of Celluloid
Photographs by:
Geoff Moore,
Jennifer Rocholl
Alex Prager
Tasya Van Ree

TAKE ME THERE, Photography Commenting on the Future of Technology. How and where will it take us...

Photographs by:
Matt Carr
Virginia Woods-Jack
Thomas Jackson
Jessica Miller
Tony Law
Sara Todd
Aaron Farley